Belgrade Fair offers the ability to access the Internet through a wireless (Wi-Fi) and UTP connections (for speeds above 10/2 Mbs). We offer four packages, with the option of additional charges for symmetric speed, as well the possibility to use a public IP address. There are also additional services of configuration and network setup, as well as other IT staff services.


package speed
WiFi Standard up to 3/1 Mbs
WiFi Ultra up to 10/2 Mbs
WiFi Plus symmetric speed



package speed
Net Standard up to 30/3 Mbs
Net Ultra up to 100/4 Mbs
Net Plus symmetric speed


  • The exhibitor may not install and use its own WiFi devices, emitting signals at at his booth at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If he however installs them and they disturb work of other WiFi users, Belgrade Fair shall be entitled to turn such devices off or stop supplying electric power to the booth untill the device has been removed (all exhibitors are recommended to use Belgrade Fair WiFi infrastructure of the latest generation, in order to avoid the possibility of disturbances at the WiFi frequencies).
  • Belgrade Fair does not guarantee the speeds through the WiFi connections, since they depend upon many factors (WiFi card quality in the device, obstacles and distance from AP, the drivers in the devices, etc.).
  • The speed package up to 10/10 Mbs may be accomplished only through the wireless connection.
  • The speed package of more than 10/10 Mbs may be fulfilled, beside the cable, also through the wireless connection, if an exhibitor wants it.
  • The cable packages shall be fulfilled where the relevant technical possibilities exist and shall be announced not later than seven days before the event opening.
  • The cable package price does not include the costs of network spreading and configuration at the exhibitor’s booth.
  • The connection speeds exceeding 100/100 Mbs shall be contracted separately, not later than seven days before the event opening.