Under the auspices of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Engineering and Water Management and the City of Belgrade, 12th Ethnic Food and Drink Fair is held on November 22 – 25, at Belgrade Fair. The manufacturers will feature under support of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Cooperative Union of Serbia, Governmental institutions, Local Self-Governments, various Associations, Tourism Organizations or independently.

At this most important regional review of the traditional and representative food products, the exhibitors will present more than two thousand various products – national specialties. They are characteristic for narrower geographic areas, most groceries are handmade from organic grown raw materials, by special recipes and in limited quantities. The manufacturers of the equipment for preservation and packing of the traditional products will feature at the Ethnic Food and Drink Fair, as well.

The manufacturers from Greece, India, Republic of Srpska and other countries also participate in this year’s event.

The event objective is visible from the slogan itself under which the Fair is held – Ethnic Product Brand Name Foundation. The idea is to affirm traditional products as the first class market and export ones, but also to promote many products informally already a part of the local tourism offer. It understands the increase of the products number with the protected geographic origin, such as Leskovac Ayvar, Kačarski or Homoljski Honey, Tobacco Cracklings, Futog Cabbage, Pirot Flattened Sausages, Vurda, Banica, Vrtka, various jam types, preserves, Kitten Cheese, sour winter salads, meat specialties, dairy products, cheese, honey, tea mixtures, dry fruits, bakery products, wine, brandy, etc. These are the products, which need the system stimulus to become brand – brand name and a profitable export product.

Among important aspects of the event is also the manufacturer presentation for trading contract concluding with possible buyers from Serbia and abroad, investor finding for the production, packaging and sales of the ethnic products, the manufacturers education with standardizing, market informing of specific products and the promotion of ethnic food and drinks and the traditional preparation way of the food products as a part of the national cultural identity.

One of the most attractive event sections is organic food, drinks and natural water presentation and promotion, their environmental treatment, as well as production and preservation equipment.

The event is primarily intended for business visitors – distributers, hotel and trading chain suppliers, restaurant and shop owners, professional gastronomes, international buyers.

Within the Fair, plentiful side event and professional program is annually organized. Within it, manufacturers are featured, as well as the topics of importance for the traditional production advancement and protection. Many ethnic product promotions are organized at the Regional Chambers of Commerce stands and in the Ethnic Yard.

A considerable section of the side event program is the already traditional Handmade Product Exhibition and the last event day is ‘booked’ for the popular Cake Review, organized by the Moja Praktika magazine.

Like every year, the expert jury will declare the best products in several product groups and only one will win the prestigious award –Ethnic Food and Drink Fair – 2017 Serbian Brand Name.