On the occasion of the 14th Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair, that is set to take place between 23 and 26 November at Belgrade Fair, a press conference was held at the City Assembly of Belgrade.

The journalists at the conference were addressed by: Mr. Andreja Mladenovic, Assistant to the Mayor of Belgrade, Mr. Milinko Velickovic, Secretary of the Secretariat of Economy of the City of Belgrade, Ms. Mirjana Lukic, Advisor to Belgrade Fair CEO, Mr. Gavrilo Veselinovic, Leader of Ethnic Food and Drinks Council, and Mr. Aleksandar Bogunovic, Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

By inviting fellow citizens and the audience to visit the Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair, Mr. Mladenovic pointed out that the event had gained significance in the last fourteen years, and ever since than it had become one of the symbols of the month of November when it comes to important events in the capital. He also noted that Belgrade, as well as the regions across Serbia, recognize the importance of such an event organized by Belgrade Fair, which results in an ever-increasing interest of exhibitors in showcasing their products. A fair of this kind stimulates family-owned manufacturing businesses, as well as small farmers. It is also a place where the identity of people can be experienced by tasting their traditional food products – said Mr. Mladenovic.

The Secretary of the Secretariat of Economy of the City of Belgrade Mr. Velickovic pointed out that the Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair is growing qualitatively, which can be explained by subsidies given by the City of Belgrade, which helped stimulate agricultural producers. This branch of economy is our top most priority. More than 50 exhibitors will be showcasing their products at the exhibition stand of the City of Belgrade. Vocational high schools will be promoted as well, and the City of Belgrade will be presenting awards to some of the participants for the most beautiful stand.

Ms. Mirjana Lukic emphasized that the Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair conveys both business and promotional character, that it is the largest event of small food producers and that both clients and participants experience great success in making business arrangements.

The Leader of Ethnic Food and Drinks Council, Mr. Gavrilo Veselinovic, informed the attendees of the great success of the regional chambers of commerce that gather local exhibitors and promote them, whilst Mr. Aleksandar Bogunovic pointed out that there were more and more innovations in the agricultural sector, for which reason many conferences on innovations in agriculture will be held at the Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair. He also announced product exhibitions of foreign companies that lead the way in innovative technologies.

Since exhibitors have shown a great interest in taking part in the event, possible expansion of the Ethnic Food and Drinks Fair is expected next year.